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About Us

Yusuf Football Agent is licensed to represent professional footballers & coaches; our scope of business includes scouting, developing, guiding, branding, and representing them. We also organize tour training camps and competitions for clubs during off-season 

The Agency is dedicated to provide services which alleviate Footballers from non-playing activities but related to the game, represents and defend their interests and their development. The agency also serves for Clubs, Coaches, Sponsors and Media.  

    • Professional players on Market
    • Football clubs
    • Players in the under 17/under 20
    • Coaches
    • Players in Europe
    • Tour Training Camps and Competitions

We are passionate about what we do; we are solely driven by our innate love for the game of football and desire to help Footballers. We are Licensed Players' Representatives (registered by Tanzania Football Federation TFF) dedicated to providing qualitative as opposed to quantitative representation.

We appreciate talents, the responsibility of Clubs & Sponsors, we are not in the business to exploit players, clubs, or sponsors or frustrate players we are helping and representing. We aim to provide a selfless football agency services, second to none, to the world football arena.

Our core value is professionalism, transparency and consistency. We aim to help the players we represent reach their career goals, to help the networking and productivity of professional clubs internationally, to continue internationalizing Football and use opportunities available in football to raise the profile of players, coaches and clubs.