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Letter from the Agent

by Yusuf Bakhresa

TANZANIA is a country that is full of talent, soccer talent. But with the dismal performance of our team, one wonders where all this talent is hidden. With the poverty levels still on the increase, what is needed is someone who will scout for this hidden talent and expose it.

Just the way a keen person can discover diamonds in a forgotten territory, the East African soccer is in dire need of such a person, or persons, to dig deep and come out with the best, from Africa

That is the main reason why I decided to throw myself into the field of being a soccer agent, and this was mainly because I felt the need to uplift the standard of many great talents in East Africa, and bring them to the fore, and change their life standards, because I know they can

Tanzania has great soccer players. There were players in the 70s who would have shaken the soccer world with the same prowess shown today by the likes of Ronaldinho Gaucho, Thierry Henry, Kaka and many more.

But it is very unfortunate indeed, because these players did not make a great mark in the international soccer industry, because in those days, it was next to impossible for African soccer players to ply their trade abroad.

But the picture is different today, because there are many great African footballers rocking the world in Europe, but unfortunately for Tanzania, we are yet to be represented in these mighty leagues.

Because of my great love for football, I have decided, with a very clean conscious, to assist the many hidden talents across Africa, especially from Tanzania, to get an equal opportunity of making a mark in the international level.

Being an agent recognised by the world football governing body FIFA, I have set my sight to ensuring that many great but unknown players get an opportunity to play in a country of their choice, according to the set rules. 

Fortunately, it is not the first time for me to be involved in this kind of activity. Because since I fully joined soccer, I have been able to use my influence and finances to assist Tanzanian players to Europe.

There are examples. Players like Mohamed Abdallah Rajab, Sheckahn Rashid, Bakari Malima and many others passed through me to go and play in Europe.

Today, as a FIFA agent, I have even greater opportunities of directly looking for the right teams, in and outside Africa, for these young men to play in.

Fortunately again, being a licensed agent, I am glad to engage myself in assisting these great African soccer talents. But I am not restricted to Africans only, because my services are also open to those from outside the continent of Africa. 

With all these reasons behind my interest and my dream of becoming an international soccer agent, but I would also like to define the points as follows.

First and foremost is to make sure that young and upcoming players accomplish their dreams of becoming great soccer players, and match the standards of current soccer giants like Didier Drogba of Chelsea, Samuel Eto’o of Barcelona, Kolo Toure of Arsenal, and many others who have managed to rise to the top. 

Second, soccer has spread across the globe. In previous years, soccer was considered more as an entertainment item, but currently it has become more than that. Soccer is a job like any other job.

Millions of young men in the world consider soccer as an employment. There is need for certain measures to be put in place and make sure that million others will accomplish their dreams of joining the fray.

I want to make it my responsibility that I play a part in helping the young men who are searching for their dreams of success.

But thirdly, it is obvious that soccer is more than a game. It is a game that touches the lives of millions every second of our lives.

It is of great joy to see a certain player succeeding on the football pitch, and you know that you played a major role in that success. As a human being with emotions, this is what I dream of.

I long to see a player full of success outside the football pitch, and all the accolades directed to me. This feeling is not brought about by the love of money; it is more on the human side.

I have that dream, and I believe I will succeed, and I have reasons to believe so. I have the will, and I believe that I also have the ability, because nothing is impossible under the sun.

If I have this dream, and there is a player out there who has a dream of making it as a football star, this is the right time to move towards that dream, together.

Yusuf Bakhresa